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I’m a professional make-up artist, studied at Glauca Rossi Make-up School London in 2oo4. Working in fashion and feature movies. And above this i love to give my knowledge of beauty for others, because we women can feel ourself more fastinating with a nice make-up on which gives more selfcofident in everyday. And when we feel more delightful we smile more and make happy the people arround us with positive attitude.

But for achieve a beautiful professional makeup, we need to choose and use the right products. I really wish to show to all women who wants to know how she can look more beautiful…


Fotoshoot all Day or Half Day (max 10 hours)/:  max: 500 CHF


Day-Makeup Application 30 min50 CHF


Evening-Makeup Application, 45min: 60 CHF


Makeup for Brides 200 CHF

-including test makeup and false eyelashes application.


Makeup Application Only Eyes 20 min: 40 CHF


Private Makeup Lesson (3 hours): 160 CHF

-In 3 hours I tell and show you as much as possible, about techniques, colours, brushes, and demonstrate to you how to apply makeup to yourself. Personalised for your needs.


Personal Shopping Experience: 1OO CHF  

- I can accompany you for a Makeup Shopping, where I help you to choose the best products to your needs.


I’m waiting all my guest with a nice veggie and\or fruit juice or a glass of champaign (depend on your mood) and lots of love!