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Dark lips is again on the top of the trends, started to come into fashion last years, Chanel just gave out a dark serial of lipstick 2009/10 winter time. U can choose between dark browns, -bourdon, -plum colors. This dark lips look remind me to the film noirs… Other things which is very nice in this colors, (apart of that fits with every skin tone) some lipsticks has little shimmers inside and depend from the light changing shade, sometimes look deeper dark, with lots of light change into lighter color.


This look is a very delicate, clear-out look mixed with some futuristic signs.

Dark lips is in trend again and i remembered back to the late 90′s when Goth look was in fashion. This turned into Emo fashion in these years. I think this style besides all that it soo dark covers lots of sensitiveness and romaticism. I felt today inspirated to do my own goth look.


Cooper colors are in fashion in this fall, u can see these smokey bronzy coopery eyes with nude lips all around in fashion, this look is wearable in normal life as well.


As every women me too loves to spend as long time as possible at the airport duty free before flying somewhere. My favorite things are the little travel make-up kits from all the brands.  Much easier to pick up one which will fit to us, than to bring many make ups and take in and out at the checking points.  As well if we want to refresh our makeup in the aircraft not too comfortable to search the the little shadows and lipshines, bronzers.

Inside of these kits u can find four or six eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and mascara. Some of them include lip-pencil, eye-pencil and powder too. usually when im travel even if its longer time i bring one or two makeup kit with me and a foundation.

In the fallowing videos i would like to show u how to use in many ways atravel kit from Estee Lauder, some videos for day, some of them more for occasions.




This make up its my own look. love it because very easy and not an everyday look.  U just need mascara, light  lipstick, shimmeries.



The black smokey eyes make-up is like the little black dress that all woman has at her wardrobe. The smokey eyes history almost as old as the first film noirs. This look started its conqueror way in the 20′s when women got the right to vote, started to wear boyish haircut and dating with men freely, going out to nightclubs. Still nowadays this look belongs to the nightlife, parties. That time smokey eyes came with reddest lipstick and pale skin tone. In future i will do video and write more of the trends of 20′s.
Till that, here is one of the easiest way to create black smokey eyes look.


Red lipstick is the most significant things in all the make-up history. Classic, elegant, sexual and fits with every skin tone. It was in fashion a hundred years ago and i think will be for an other hundred surely.