Hi All!

Today I had a little time and I turned into a drugstore of Budapest called DM and i bought some products from Manhattan and S-he, I think all in Europe you can find it, on other continents I’m not sure because as far as I know these makeups are from Germany.
I was really very curious what are the new products and how much drugstore brands fallows the trends of this spring.
I saw so many things that I liked, but I had to stay sober and just buy things I really need. I have to take care because I already have tones of makeup, and I don’t want to overdose myself with them because it’s freak if someones is so obsessed with it and have an all room only full with makeups.
I have already one big makeup bag full with them, plus I have an other big bag, but this one contains special effect products for movies, bloods, waxes, artificial snow, etc. Apart of them I have one more box with makeups what I don’t use just very rare. So I don’t wish to buy too many more of them.
But of course at every season I get one-two new things what I like, or if I need something what i don’t have for a shooting.
But back to the topic, what is really caught my eyes for first was the new palettes of Manhattan. Wow these bold neon colors with great highlighters! Such a nice palette for spring and summer! They come in 4 different color variations, I bought the No. 4. The Glamorous ,with greyish bluish tones I didn’t try yet,  and the No. 3 The Gorgeous, my favorite in this month,  I JUST LOVE THIS! Oh My God! This neon electric peachy color and the bold pink of it! And I have to say I really love the texture as well, very pigmented bright colors. Well done Manhattan!

For the No.3. palette i bought a S-he aqua eyeliner, well it wasn’t my best buy for sure, I tried it and the color is not enough nice and don’t have enough coverage on the water line so i wouldn’t buy it again. I have to submit the expensive eyeliners worth the money.

These two the other palettes what I left in the shop, No. 1 The Fabulous for every eyes color and the No. 2, The Brave. I wouldn’t recommend the last one for brown eyes.  These very pretty colors too, get one and color up yourself for the spring!

And next to these ones, finally after 4 years I bought a new Maybelline AffiniTone concealer. I still don't have problems with the old one, It was an EverFresh one. But I don't know if  it is the same products just the name changed or what, because on their website I see three different products as concealer but any of them this one. I really don't understand why this one is different here in Hungary.  I love this product, the colors are very nice and natural, the liquid is smooth on the skin easy to apply and the most important has a flawless of cover. In the future I will give a try to their mineral concealer too. :)

Here are the concealer  from the american Maybelline website:

And mine one is this:

If somebody know the answer please sheer with me! :)

Now I have to go, 45 minute running waits me, I would prefer to stay and write to you more!

P.s.: I made a how to do tutorial too, next time I will post it on the next week!

Wish you a nice day with lots of smiles!